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E-commerce Solutions

Nowadays online shopping has gained wide popularity. A virtual mall online powered by our custom e-commerce solutions can help you reap more benefits and reach out to a wider customer-base at a lesser monetary investment than you would by setting up physical stores. Be it a simple online shopping cart or a huge one with multitude of suppliers, we can help you set one up and running promptly and efficiently.

Depending on the kind of product intended to sell online, you can either opt for the customization of an existing shopping cart software or have us build a successful e-commerce site to meet with your unique requirements.

Whether you are looking to sell your products directly to customers or for a Business to Business (B2B) solution with a smart and easy to use GUI, our solutions can help you make your work easier. With our E-commerce application development service, you get to choose from a variety of functionalities such as :

  • Administration facility
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping options
  • Customer account management
  • Credit card acceptability and many more.

Our dedication and experience in this field has helped us understand real world problems and adapt accordingly for our clients.

At the end of the day, you not only get to to showcase your products to customers globally but also to keep track of the widely preferred products and improve sales, while offering your customers a wider variety of choices, all-round information about various products, customization as required and therefore, improved customer loyalty and good business.

E-commerce is the pre-eminent buzzword of the online business revolution. It captures the excitement and focus of this fast emerging market. But it is more than a slogan or glib party line. At its core it embodies a concept for doing business online.

The concept of e-commerce is all about using the Internet to do business better and faster. It is about giving customers controlled access to your computer systems and letting people serve themselves. It is about committing your company to a serious online effort and integrating your Web site with the heart of your business.

In order to do business, you also need a way to take orders and process payment. In a retail store there are no orders. Customers simply find the products they want, get in a line at the register, and pay the cashier. In e-commerce, orders have to be placed and items shipped. Orders are usually handled through interactive, online forms. Money is another issue easily handled in traditional commerce. Customers in a retail store pay by check, cash, or credit or debit cards. Online customers cannot pay by cash or check, only through electronic means. Also, there are issues of security that surround online payment that do not come into play in the traditional bricks-and-mortar world. E-commerce transactions have to take place through secure electronic connections and special merchant accounts for accepting payment.

Once payment is collected, delivery of the product must take place. Fulfillment in traditional stores is as easy as putting the item in a bag and handing it over to the customer. Fulfillment in the world of e-commerce is more difficult, requiring shipping and transportation similar to catalog and mail order businesses. For businesses that integrate e-commerce into their existing business plan, fulfillment is as easy as hiring an extra employee to ship online orders. In Internet startup businesses, fulfillment must often be outsourced to a facility that can handle order processing and shipping in a more timely and professional manner.